Music and Agriculture in the Piedmont Region

Specializing in music, past and present, from the Piedmont region, along with tips for vegetable gardening and sustainable living, with your host Mudcat.

Piedmont Report 138


Piedmont Report 138
Neal Pattman – Market Blues – Live in London (Shrimp City Slim, Dave Peabody) 1997 100 Club Archie Edwards – Old Schoolmates – Living Country Blues 1980 Axel Kustner Reverend Gary Davis – Pure Religion – Pure Religion and Bad Company 1957 Neil Kreitlow – Henna Brown – KEX Shelton Powe – Shake ‘em on Down, Amtrak Train, She Don’t Love Me She Loves that Cocaine John Lee Zeigler – Going Away -– Came So Far (Music Maker) Farm Report “New Gardens.” Charlie Poole and the North Carolina Ramblers – If I Lose I Don’t Care / Columbia 1927 Blind Joe Taggart – Strange Things Happening Every Day / Paramount 1929 Blind Blake – That Will Never Happen No More / Paramount 1927 Rene Miller – Johnnie’s Song – Live at Hoopoe Acres Carolina Slim – Greenville Blues – All Around Man -2022 Rufus McKenzie – Whoopin the Blues – Came So Far (Music Maker) Ms. Connie B. – Oh Lord, I Want You to Help Me – The Path That Leads Home 2019 The Gidden Sisters – Soldier of the Lord – I Know I’ve Been Changed Lucille Lindsay – Fly Around Heaven All Day – Came So Far (Music Maker)



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