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Piedmont Report 112


Piedmont Report 112

The Prairie Songbirds – Shifting Sands / Born Again [recorded mid 1940’s for WSB Atlanta’s Barndance radio program]

Cynthia May Carver aka Cousin Emmy – Johnny Booker [recorded in 1939 for Decca]       

The Amber Sisters aka The Sunshine Sisters – I’ve Waited Too Long [recorded in 1952 for Capitol]

Farm Report – Eastern Box Turtles: Garden Allies

Live at Hoopoe Acres:

Skunkweed Juju – Cold Light / Motivational Rooster / Banty Rooster / Hell Beast / Canning the Rooster / Blood Harmony / Hard Time Not Knowing

Recipe Corner – Bollitos de Frijoles de Carita / Black-eyed Pea Fritters

The Two Gospel Keys – You’ve Got to Move [recorded in 1946 for Jubilee]

Essie Mae Brooks – Got to Run On (MM Rain in Your Life, 2000)

Ms. Connie B. – The Beast / Oh Lord, I Want You to Help Me (The Path the Leads Home, 2019)

The Branchettes - One More Day (MM92 Blues Sweet Blues)

The Gidden Sisters – Mamma / I Know I’ve Been Changed (MMCD157 I Know I’ve Been Changed)



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