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Piedmont Report 109


Piedmont Report 109

John Lee Ziegler – Going Away [MMRF 1294 Came So Far]

Bobby Leecan (Blind Bobby Baker) – Nobody Needs You When You’re Down and Out [recorded in New York, 1927]

Rice Brothers Gang – You Don’t Love Me Anymore (Little Darlin’) [Decca 5959, released 1941]

Slim Barton and Eddie Mapp – Careless Love [QRS Records 7088, released 1929]

Sam Aranson and Jason Waller – Lay Me Down a Pallet [Live at Hoopoe Acres, May 2019]

Jason Waller – Bluebird Baby [Live at Hoopoe Acres, May 2019]

Jason Waller – Great Big Blue Sky [Live at Hoopoe Acres, May 2019]

Sam Aranson – Tell Me [Live at Hoopoe Acres, May 2019]

Jason Waller and Sam Aranson – Georgia on a Fast Train [Live at Hoopoe Acres, May 2019]

PigIron and the New Radio Ramblers – Canned Heat

Samuel Turner Stevens – Marching Through Georgia [MMRF 1294 Came So Far]

Belmont & Jones – Titanic Man Blues [6#3 Live Rooms, recorded 2013]

Belmont & Jones – Weather Lady [6#3 Live Rooms, recorded 2013]

Slim Barton and Eddie Mapp – I’m Hot Like That [QRS Records 7088, released 1929]

Rice Brothers Gang – My Sweetheart Darling [Decca 5870, released 1940]

Lucille Lindsay – Fly Around Heaven All Day [MMRF 1294 Came So Far]



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