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Piedmont Report 103


Piedmont Report 103


Cootie Stark – High Yellows (Raw Sugar, MMCD30, 2003)

Mikel K Poet – Flashlight to Show Me the Stars

Etta Baker – Crow Jane (Etta Baker with Taj Mahal, MMCD50, 1998)

Jesse Fuller – Move On Down the Line (Railroad Worksong, LACD04, 1955)

Mikel K Poet – We Are the Children (Live at Hoopoe Acres, 2019)

Algia Mae Hinton – If You Want to Go to Heaven (Honey Babe, Music Maker/Cello 91005-2, 1999)

New Radio Ramblers – Canned Heat (Almost Live, 2006)

Skillet Lickers – Hand Me Down My Walking Cane (The Skillet Lickers, Vol 1, 1926-1927, DOCD8056)

Skillet Licorice – Pretty Little Dog (Skillet Licorice, 2015)

Jeff Evans – I Got Wine / Burmese Mouth / Throwing Carrots (Live at Hoopoe Acres, 2019)

Mikel K Poet – I am a Challenge to the Process (Live at Hoopoe Acres, 2019)


Precious Bryant – Georgia Buck / Someday Baby (My Name is Precious)

Mikel K Poet – Someday I Will Start the Revolution (Live at Hoopoe Acres, 2019)

Ma Rainey, Tampa Red, Georgia Tom – Sleep Talking Blues (Mother of the Blues, JSP7793E, Chicago, 1928)

Mikel K Poet – Everybody Works at Walmart (Live at Hoopoe Acres, 2019)

Skillet Licorice – All I Got’s Done Gone (Skillet Licorice, 2015)

Mikel K Poet – Quit Your Bitchin’ (Live at Hoopoe Acres, 2019)

John Jackson – I’m a Bad Bad Man / Lay Down My Old Guitar (County Blues & Ditties, Arhoolie 471, 1999)

Cootie Stark – Just to be Whole to His Face (Raw Sugar, MMCD30, 2003)



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