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Specializing in music, past and present, from the Piedmont region, along with tips for vegetable gardening and sustainable living, with your host Mudcat.

Piedmont Report 90 (SC Blues Special)


Piedmont Report 90 (SC Blues Special)

Peg Leg Sam – The Draw (FLY LP 507-508)

Freddie Vanderford and Mill Billy Blues – Don’t Let Your Mouth Write a Check Your Butt Can’t Cash (Circle X Records 005)


Mill Billy Three (Freddie Vanderford, Brandon Turner, and Matthew Knights) Live at Hoopoe Acres – Greasy Greens / Bo Weevil / Choices / Cut You Loose

Farm Report

Freddie Vanderford – John Henry / story Live at Hoopoe Acres

* I was Born in Hard Luck (monologue)

Peg Leg Sam and Louisiana Red – Joshua Fit the Battle of Jericho (Tomato 2696652)

Peg Leg Sam – Froggy Went a Courtin’ / Straighten Up and Fly Right (SFW 40211)

~ Peter Lowry on Sam

Peg Leg Sam and Chief Thundercloud – The Last Medicine Show (FLY LP 507-508)

Peg Leg Sam - John Henry (Tomato 2696652)

* I Was a Preacher story

Peg Leg Sam and Henry ‘Rufe’ Johnson - Before You Give it All Away (Trix 3302)

Peg Leg Sam – Peg’s Fox Chase / Born in Hard Luck (Trix 3302)



* Excerpts from Tom Davenport’s film “Born in Hard Luck”

~ Excerpt from Jeff Harris’ interview with Peter Lowry on Big Road Blues Show



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