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Piedmont Report 86 (Skye Paige special)


Piedmont Report 86 (Skye Paige special)

Frank Edwards – Chicken Raid

Frank Edwards – We Got to Get Together

Skye Paige ID

Skye Paige – Mr. Frank story

Skye Paige – Put Your Arms Around Her

Skye Paige – grandfather story 1

Skye Paige – Sweet Man

Skye Paige – grandfather story 2

Skye Paige – Black Cat Bone

Skye Paige – Marie Laveau


Cora May Bryant and Joshua Jacobson – Warm It Up To Me

Frank Edwards – Put Your Arms Around Me

Cootie Stark – Send You Back To Georgia

Essie Mae Brooks – Got To Run On

Frank Edwards – Sweet Man Blues

Manuel Velazquez – intro story

Manuel Velazquez – En Mi Viejo San Juan

Skye Paige – Beverly Watkins story

Beverly “Guitar” Watkins – You Make Me Feel So Good



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