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Piedmont Report 82 (Wendell Berry excerpts)


Piedmont Report 82 (Wendell Berry excerpts)

Robert Lee Coleman – Mama Told Me Not to Play Those Old Blues

Robert Lee Coleman – Kinfolk

Beverly Watkins and – Impeach Me

Chickens and Pigs – Your Mamas Smile

Jesse Fuller – The Way You Treat Me

Dr. Dixon – Evan’s Shuffle

Dr. Dixon – Greasy Greens

Drink Small – So Sweet

Elizabeth Cotton – Wilson Rag

Algia Mae Hinton – If You Want to Go to Heaven

Neal Pattman – Mama Whoopin’ Blues

Elizabeth Cotton – Honey Babe Your Papa Cares

Del Rey – I Thought About You 

Elizabeth Cotton – I Don’t Love Nobody Now

Georgia White – Grandpa and Grandma

Elizabeth Cotton – Aint Got No Honey Baby Now

Lil McClintock – Sow Good Seeds

Plus excerpts from ‘Wendell Berry on His Hopes for Humanity’ taped in 2013 at Kentucky’s St. Catharine College during a two-day conference celebrating Wendell Berry’s life and ideas and marking the 35th anniversary of the publication of his landmark book, The Unsettling of America.



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