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Danny ‘Mudcat’ Dudeck is an internationally known gospel and bluesman continuing the traditions of the early blues pioneers while adding his own Mudcat edge, resulting in one of Atlanta’s greatest treasures.

  – Atlanta History Center

[Mudcat is] a world-class slide guitarist, and most of all a God-gifted entertainer. I have witnessed him light up packed houses at the Great American Music Hall in San Francisco, at the Irving Plaza in New York, to open air concerts in front of 10,000 folks in Lugano, Switzerland, to sitting on a curb in San Jose, Costa Rica entertaining dozens of young kids. Mud is born to make people smile and enjoy life.
                   – Tim Duffy, 
             Music Maker Relief Foundation

The self-taught musician honed his craft busking on street corners and ferries from New York to New Orleans, and has gone on to tour Europe and play with greats like Dickey Betts, Taj Mahal and Derek Trucks. But perhaps his greatest influence as an Atlanta institution is his role as an ambassador for bridging the contemporary blues scene with the legacy of its forebears.

    – Suzanne Van Atten for the Atlanta Journal-Constitution 

Photo by Sergio Sala

Photo by Raymond Chang

Photo by Corbin Brown

Photo by Vincent Tseng