Great songwriter. Great lyrics. Good energy. 
-- Taj Mahal
Ardie Dean, mUD and Taj Mahal at the Cotton Club in Atlanta, GA
photo by Mark Austin 
Original blues different from the other blues artists. Very refreshing. 
-- Jean-Pierre Petit, L'Hôtel Du Blues (Montreal Canada)
A tremendous slide guitarist, and most of all a God-gifted entertainer. I have witnessed him light up packed houses at the Great American Music Hall in San Francisco, at the Irving Plaza in New York, to open air concerts in front of 10,000 folks in Lugano, Switzerland, to sitting on a curb in San Jose, Costa Rica entertaining dozens of young kids. Mud is born to make people smile and enjoy life.
-- Tim Duffy, Music Maker Relief Foundation president
Mudcat’s take on other material as well as his own comes from Americana and has its roots in blues, Zydeco, Dixieland and folk that sets him apart from other artists who are content to crank out the same blues clichés that wear out their welcome.  In my experiences of seeing Mudcat he never plays the same exact set list which makes him a pleasure to see and certainly a role model for other Atlanta musicians.
-- Gary Weeks in Blues Revue
The blues is a universal feeling that transcends languages, social status and the constraints of musical genre. Danny "Mudcat" Dudeck knows that feeling intimately. He travels the globe spreading his version of the blues gospel and regularly works with a number of international blues-preservation organizations. ...Whether performing solo, leading a smokin' band or a tight, one-off jam session with a founding father or a group of novices, his soulful and emotive delivery evokes images of the hard timesthat fed the early blues pioneers ... mak[ing] even the most jaded music fan happy to be blue.
-- Creative Loafing
Kept me on my feet -- I couldn't sit down."
   -- Hubert Sumlin, guitarist with Howlin' Wolf and Muddy Waters